Pregnancy and giving birth put the body under tremendous stress, and the changes you undergo may have you doubting if you'll ever look the same again.

In this situation, it's important to maintain your fitness not just to squeeze back into those pre-pregnancy jeans, but to rebuild the muscles that took the most abuse during birth to prevent future complications.

A carefully planned postnatal fitness program is tailored to help mothers restore their muscle strength and trim the baggage left behind after birth in a way that is effective for the mother without hindering her care for her joyous child.

Joy is a core-certified specialist who can help you get your pelvic floor back to strength

Do you answer "yes" to any of the following questions:

  • Do you leak especially when you jump or laugh?
  • Do you have a Diastasis or know what it is?
  • Do you suffer from Mummy tummy?
  • Do you have trouble running after your kids?
  • Do you have back pain?
  • Do you have incontinence or wear a pad?
  • Do you have pelvic floor pain, or pain with sex, or poor sex?

If you have any of the above I can help you.

I will work with you from the inside to the outside, and help you feel like a healthier woman. I am a core-certified specialist who can help you get your pelvic floor back to strength, and I will help you restore your core through functional exercise and movement.

I will help you sculpt your body, so you will have confidence, feel strong and energetic, live longer, and set good examples for your little ones with your lifestyle.

What People are Saying...

  • Mary
    Our 3 month training session has come to an end, however it is just the beginning. I am very pleased with my results, and not just the scale number, but a new found energy and confidence which comes when feeling better. Although you seem to have a soft and gentle demeanor, I tell people not to let that fool them. You take a personal interest in getting it right, whatever right is for that person. It's not a one size fits all, and you don't take that approach - you cutomize according to one's ability and help them get stronger. Thank you for that. No hesitation in recommending you, I look forward to future classes especially the "Beauty Bar".
  • Teresa K
    When I first contacted Joy, I was sceptical and unsure if she would be the right fit to whip my daughter into shape.  That didn’t last long.  Joy came to our home, introduced herself to us and explained the “plan” on getting our daughter from the couch to being physically fit.  Joy worked with our daughter three days a week for about two months and now comes once a week.  Joy has taught our daughter how to exercise properly, the importance of food, nutrition, and water. Mary has transformed into a person who enjoys exercise, enjoys good food, and now drinks more water.  We are a fit family who exercise regularly now and can’t thank Joy enough for introducing Mary to all forms of exercise. Thank you Joy.
    Teresa K
  • Lesley M
    Joy has given me "joy" in exercise and training in not only my life, but also through the fun wiggles programs for my girls. Being a mother, she understands my struggles, but she keeps your goals in mind to keep you motivated. If you want your body and strength back, Joy is the one to help you. Highly recommended!!
    Lesley M
  • Cheryl R
    Joy is an amazing personal trainer and fitness instructor. She created a program that helped me to meet my fitness goals, as well as, maintain the results going forward. Joy specializes in many fitness disciplines which kept our workouts dynamic, challenging but fun. Everyone needs to try bootybarre, I love it and I highly recommend adding it to your workout experience. Thank you Joy!
    Cheryl R

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